Finding Opportunity in Disruption

Navigating the fast-paced digital currency space race and rising man-made risks, Dante’s keynotes address the critical task of bridging the innovation divide. His insights illuminate how to seize opportunities amidst disruption, while also fostering a regulatory framework for sustainable growth of emerging technologies.

In a world increasingly defined by technology, risk, and leadership responses, Dante’s perspectives can elevate both global policies and corporate strategies.

He speaks to the transformation brought by blockchain and other emerging technologies on the future of money and payments, while also tackling major challenges such as climate change and cyber threats.

Emphasizing the balance between innovation and oversight, Dante’s insights foster a safer, more inclusive global financial system.


Risk and Resilience

Thriving in the modern world requires a new approach.

Keynote | Strategic Briefing

The world is being etched by man-made risks, including cyberattacks, pandemics, and socio-political upheavals. Those looking to prosper in the years to come must rethink how they operate by seeing the world through a new lens.

Learn from one of the foremost experts on risk, readiness and resilience how organizations can craft strategies to adapt and thrive in the era of man-made risk.

Topics include a deep overview of the global risk landscape and the forces shaping markets, politics and global security.

Bridging Innovation and Governance

A roadmap for long-term prosperity from the current technological revolution.

Keynote | Strategic Briefing

Emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI are shaping the contours of competition, markets and the global economy. This is simultaneously posing immense opportunities and risks, both for company strategy and the global economy.

Dante speaks to the necessity of ensuring that these technologies not only bring transformative benefits but also remain guarded against misuse. By fostering collaboration between regulators and innovators, he envisions a future of global financial inclusion and growth.

The Digital Currency Space Race

The global financial system is being reshuffled and the ultimate winner is anything but certain.

Keynote | Strategic Briefing

Dante outlines practical pathways to harness the promise of digital currencies, while emphasizing the necessity of robust regulation to safeguard against potential threats and bad actors.

His insights offer a roadmap for a vast new ecosystem, illuminating the path toward a more inclusive, efficient and secure global financial system.