Finding Security in a Fragile World

The need to evolve the global financial system to be more open, inclusive, and responsive to human need is greater than ever. The half-century old plumbing that supports our global financial system is not only slow and leaky – it penalizes the poor. 

Dante Disparte envisions a future of device-centric banking and financial services that makes moving money as easy as sending a text message. But this future depends on the convergence of responsible innovation and effective regulation.

By up-leveling financial services to be faster, freer, and fairer, Dante believes we can help bring an end to the idea that success in life depends on winning the national or postal code lottery. Working together, private-sector innovation and public-sector oversight can pave the way for a dynamic and resilient financial ecosystem that leaves no one behind.


From growing up in Puerto Rico to being the first member of his family to graduate from high school or college, Dante’s story of resilience is personal. His ability to identify practical solutions through complexity led him from academic success to entrepreneurship to senior executive roles in some of the world’s leading companies. He has lived and worked around the world, speaks 6 languages, and has overseen operations spanning 170 countries. Dante serves as Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Policy for Circle, the leading provider of internet-native payments and digital currency infrastructure as well as being the Founder and Chair of Risk Cooperative, a strategic insurance group. Dante advises governments, companies, and the world’s leading institutions on risk, resilience, and emerging technologies.

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Global Risk Agility and Decision Making

Global Risk Agility and Decision Making establishes frameworks for how to appropriately define risk, resilience, and the decision making frameworks to not only survive, but thrive in our turbulent times.

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